SUSDEVI Screening Test

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SUSDEVI Screening Test Online 2019/ Has Commence

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SUSDEVI Screening Test


SUSDEVI Screening Test | Sustainable Development International (SUSDEVI) has commence the screening test for successful candidates across the 36 state in Nigeria.

It was announced recently that the candidates test will be taken alphabetically by days

SUSDEVI RECRUITMENT (STAGE TWO): Schedule and Guideline for Online Test
Kindly follow the procedure below to participate in the online test.
1). Check the schedule section (at the end of the page) and take note of the date for your test. The schedule has been prepared using the first alphabet of each candidate’s surname. For example, if your surname is Gabriel or Harrison (G, H), then your test date falls on March 26, and if your surname is Abraham or Bello (A, B) then you are to take your test on March 23.
2). Set an event reminder/alarm on your phone or other device so that you do not miss the date.
3). On the date for your test, send an inbox message (containing just your email address and full name) to this Page in order to receive the web link to your test. You can do this on a computer or using a mobile phone that has Facebook messenger installed.
4). Visit the web link, get registered with same email address and full name, read the instructions provided, and then proceed to take the test. Test can be taken using a computer or good quality mobile phone at any time of the day as far as it is within the scheduled date.
The test mode will be changed from time to time in order not to give unfair advantage to candidates who may have gotten information about the test and prepared ahead of their schedule. Sometimes the test may consist of essay and other times it may not. Just read the instructions.
Note: 1. The email address and full name to be used for this Stage Two should be the same with the one you used for Stage One. In case you mis-typed your email address in your application, you should use the correct one this time around but ensure to bring up the issue during the interview (if you are invited). Same applies to other mistakes.
2. The online test is open to all candidates that participated in Stage One – whether through creating Application Profile or submitting Application Form or both.
3. No candidate from Stage One has been disqualified at this point. Be informed however, that not keeping to instructions will adversely affect your chances of success.
Alphabets — Date
A, B — March 23
C, D — March 24
E, F — March 25
G, H — March 26
I, J — March 27
K, L — March 28
M, N — March 29
O, P — March 30
Q, R — March 31
S, T — April 1
U, V — April 2
W, X — April 3
Y, Z — April 4
To score 15 over 15 or 100% drop your email and phone number use during registration in the comments box below 

Remember:Here are the positions:

  1. Project Manager – Market Access Project (MAP)
  2. Project Manager – SDGs Action
  3. Account and Finance Manager
  4. Deputy Account Officer
  5. Manager – Monitoring and Evaluation
  6. Project Coordinator (Sub-State Outstation)
  7. Administrative Officer
  8. ICT and Social Media Officer
  9. Project Development / Innovation Officer
  10. Project Officer – Monitoring and Evaluation
  11. Project Officer – IEC and Training
  12. Project Officer – Procurement  and Logistic
  13. Project Officer – Supervision
  14. Market Access Field Assistance
  15. SDGs Focal Officer – Health
  16. SDGs Focal Officer  -Agriculture and Food Security
  17. SDGs Focal Officer  – Energy and Environment
  18. SDGs Focal Officer – Gender and Youth
  19. SDGs Focal Officer- Education
  20. SDGS Focal Officer – Partnership.

Others RecruitmentS:

Meanwhile, do not forget Edu School News  will be there for you all through the journey. So ensure you visit this page regularly for updates regarding the 2018/2019 Screening exercise. and Remember to Keep the Love God Alive in your Heart

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