SUSDEVI Past Question and Answer

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SUSDEVI Past Question and Answer/ Available Online


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SUSDEVI Past Question and Answer | This is the key to unlock the Screening test and scores up to 100% on Sustainable Development International (SUSDEVI) and all the eligible candidates are to feel free and read the full details of this article.

Development International (SUSDEVI) candidates screening test is ongoing across the state 36 in Nigeria.\

Note: The next page contains statements (or questions) that you need to validate by selecting the appropriate response from multi choice answers like True, False, Not applicable or Undecided, based (strictly) on the information revealed by the Hint.
It looks like there is a slight change this time, so you might want to check that you have read the instructions, thoroughly.

Global Standard Tests - Globstand

Welcome to the Online Test (OT) interface on Global Standard Tests.

This Random Knowledge Test (RKT) has been paid for by Sustainable Development International – SUSDEVI and is therefore coming to you free of charge.

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1. You will be presented with about 30 statements (questions ) that you need to validate by selecting the appropriate response from multi choice answers like True, False, Not applicable or Undecided, based on the information revealed by the Hint. No essay is provided.

2. To answer each question;
– click on the Hint to load up a new page (this could be SUSDEVI website, Facebook or LinkedIn),
– click on the first  link there (boldly highlighted) to view the answer.
– close the page, return to the question and select the answer option that matches with what you have viewed.

It is extremely important that you check the hint first before answering any question, even though it may look like the question has been repeated.

3. Maximum time allowed for this test is 40 minutes. That is more than 1 minute per question to allow you to properly read the questions and load the Hints even in slower networks. It is good to finish up on time, but answering all questions correctly is much more important.

4. This test has maximum number of two trials, which means that you can try it a second time if you feel you scored very poorly at the first attempt; the highest score obtained will be recorded for you.

5. When you submit the test and it takes too long to load and show up the results, you can; try reloading the page; wait for sometime (like 30 minutes) and try again; change the device and/or browser that you are using.

6. You have successfully taken the test the moment you see the result page. Nothing else should bother you after this. If you try taking the test but do not see the results page, then your test has not been successful. So you can go ahead retake the test.

7. In case you experience any network related problem like endless loading or error in database connection (and others) before submitting the test and seeing your result, you can hold on for a moment and try again later. Sometimes, retrying the test with another device or browser can help a lot.

8. It is in your best interest not to disclose the questions or share your experience with anyone, at least until after everyone must have taken theirs.

9. Ensure that your internet connection is stable and reliable before proceeding with the tests.

10. Your friends can use your device to take the test after you have done so, as long as you remember to log out so that they can register and take theirs.

11. You may not have the opportunity to reset your password if you forget it. So consider writing it down somewhere.

12. You can use a mobile phone to take the test, but only if it is of good quality and has enough RAM.
Ensure you close all other apps running on the phone as well as other tabs on the browser that you are using so that the test can run smoothly.
Avoid loading up the test through Facebook Messenger App. Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers should be good.

13. You will likely not receive your result in your email, so don’t bother about that.

14. Be informed that you risk disqualification if you take this test at the wrong day set for you to do so (See SCHEDULE).

15. Should you encounter any problem that is not as a result of your own fault or negligence to instructions, please note it down (and possibly screenshot it) and post it here.
Be informed that any candidate that experienced technical difficulties on the website will be given a chance to retake the test after the current schedule runs out.
Same with anyone who missed the test for genuine reasons.

Test Question:

Global Standard Tests - Globstand

1. Online testing involves creating and administering tests/quizzes/examinations on a suitable web platform


2. Nigeria may receive as much as 40 percent of Guoji Dui’s scholarship awards quota because it is the least populated country is Africa

3. Escrowlock (or escrow) payment arrangements have helped reduce online fraud

4. All online escrowlock service companies are safe to use for payment


5. Escrowlock is not a safe way to pay for transactions online

6. Graduates of secondary schools can benefit from Guoji Dui’s 2 years scholarship leading to a Master’s degree in Teaching Chinese


7. All applicants for SUSDEVI recruitment must take an online test

8. Escrowlock services are beneficial in situations where a buyer doesn’t know or trust a seller

9. The purpose of Guoji Dui’s sponsored cultural trips to china is to enable young Africans secure jobs in China


10. Escrow payments can be used for the purchase of only physical goods like piece of furniture or electronics


11. Application for SUSDEVI recruitment is strictly online

12. Escrowlock payments can be used for the purchase of all types of products, whether physical products, virtual products or services


13. Online test platforms like Globstand can be handy in learning about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through quizzes and assessments


14. Stage One of SUSDEVI recruitment closed on March 15 2019.


15. Only graduates of Linguistics or Arts can benefit from Guoji Dui’s 2 years scholarship leading to a Master’s degree in Teaching Chinese?

16. Guoji Dui uses only offline mode in teaching Chinese language


17. Online testing is not a more convenient way to screen job applicants to a manageable number before physical interviews


18. Nigeria may receive as much as 40 percent of Guoji Dui’s scholarship awards quota because it has been of less priority in the next stage of the Sino-Africa relations

19. Genuine escrowlock companies are usually unable to resolve disputes between buyer and seller


20. “Paying taxes on escrowed goods/services” is a major benefit of using escrowlock companies that are certified by the International Financial and Escrow Services Accreditation Board


21. Online testing platforms are very helpful but should not be wholly relied upon as true test of knowledge


22. Purpose of Guoji Dui’s sponsored cultural trips to china is to enable Nigerians get Chinese visa

23. In an escrowlock payment arrangement, the buyer must pay to the seller directly before receiving the goods/services

24. Escrowlock is not ideal for business situations where the buyer has already started communicating with the seller.


25. The third party used in an escrowlock (or escrow) payment must be an escrow company that is trusted by both the buyer and seller


26. Escrowlock companies charge about 4 percent of transaction value for their services


27. The online test for SUSDEVI recruitment is not mandatory

28. China’s language giant, Guoji Dui, intends to sponsor five thousand of its African students to China every year

29. Individuals and small businesses cannot use Globstand online testing platform to administer exams and issue certificates to their students/clients


30. The purpose of Guoji Dui’s sponsored cultural trips to China is to enable Nigerians get Chinese spouses

(1)True, (2) Not applicable, (3)True, (4) Not applicable, (5)False, (6) Not applicable,(7)True, (8) True, (9) Not applicable,(10) False, (11)True, (12)True, (13)True, (14)True, (15) Not applicable (16) Not applicable,(17) False , (18) Not applicable ,(19)False, (20) Not applicable,(21) True, (22) Not applicable , (23) False, (24) Not applicable, (25) True, (26) Not applicable,(27)Not applicable (28)Not applicable ,(29) False, (30) Not applicable

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